NSX-T Troubleshooting IDFW rules

So you have migrated to NSX-T 3.2 and you are using IDFW rules to allow users to dynamically gain access when they log in to any physical device in the domain.

Only trouble is that now it is not really working, and VMware did not yet implement a way in the gui to see the effective members of Groups that contains Active Directory members.

Well there is a way you can see who is in the group at least, but there are a couple of steps.

How to find the effective group members

Step one is to identify the rule you are troubleshooting. Make a note of the rule id.

Next find the host the destination VM is running on. You can do this manually in vCenter or use powershell. That’s up to you.

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NSX-T Traffic Analysis Traceflow fails

So you are trying to do a traceflow to see where the traffic is going, but as it turns out it is not working. If this is the case, and if you are running NSX-T 3.2, and the segment that your VMs belong to is VLAN backed. Then I might have a solutions for you.


Traceflow request failed. The request might be cancelled because it took more time than normal. Please retry.Error Message: Error: Traceflow intent /infra/traceflows/<guid> realized on enforcement point /infra/sites/default/enforcement-points/default with error Traceflow on VLAN logical port LogicalPort/<guid> requires INT (In-band Network Telemetry) to be enabled (Error code: 500060)
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