vSAN – Downgrading NVMe driver in ESXi 6.7 Update 1

Recently ran into a HPE Proliant m510 server running vSAN, where vSAN complained that the controller driver for the NVMe disk where too new.

The health error said that the current driver nvme ( was to new and the recommended driver was nvme (

Downgrading is not always a breeze. When going to VMware compatibility guide, the NVMe disk is supported for vSAN 6.7 Update 1, and there are no download links to a specific driver, so how do you get the old driver? Continue reading vSAN – Downgrading NVMe driver in ESXi 6.7 Update 1

Deep Dive into VMware vSAN Performance Benchmarks

VMworld 2017 Breakout Session Proposal Accepted!

I am VERY happy to announce that my application for a VMworld session at VMworld in Barcelona 2017 has been accepted. I will be sharing this session with my excellent coworker Karsten Drejer.

I can’t wait to tell you all about our finding and the awesome performance that we are seeing on VMware vSAN. I will be comparing these benchmark numbers to traditional storage types from known vendors.

Please support me by attending my session at VMworld 2017 in Barcelona. My session ID is #STO1117BE. You can find it here: https://my.vmworld.com/scripts/catalog/eucatalog.jsp?search=STO1117

WARNING: My session is very technical, so please be ware. I will however also have some graphs with pretty colors, so if you are not completely down with IOPS, Read Write latency, bits and bytes, come anyway. I will try hard explain my findings. Also Karsten will give some general knowledge about vSAN in the first part of the session.

VMworld 2017 in Barcelona is running from the 11-14th of September.

Update: Our sessions is scheduled at the 13th of September in Hall 8, Room 17.