Enable SSL on Apache2 (Self-Signed)

Quick guide to getting a self signed certificate configured for Apache on Ubuntu 16.04.

All credits go to Justin Ellingwood. There is a link to his article at the bottom of this page. This is just a quick summery of what needs to be done to get SSL working, based on his article.

I do not recommend using self-signed certificates in production, as it does not provide any security what so ever! Deploy a signed certificate from your internal 2-Tier PKI infrastructure. If you do not have an internal PKI infrastructure, your need to get one!

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Free IPAM solution – 1. Installing phpIPAM

Are you tired of using Excel for managing you IP addresses?

Why not use an IPAM DB to keep track of your VLANs, subnets and IP addresses?

An IPAM solution is a vital building block in an automated environment. Lets go through how you can setup a Free IPAM DB for use with vRealize Orchestrator and vRealize Automation.

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