VMware vCenter VCSA 6.5 Upgrade “Error: queryAaaa ENODATA”

During an upgrade I got the following error: “A problem occurred  while getting data from the source vCenter Server”

And the install log has the following information.

2017-04-24T15:59:52.536Z - debug: isIp: vcsa.lab.local: false
2017-04-24T15:59:52.544Z - debug: vcsa.homelab.local: dnsResolve : [ '' ]
2017-04-24T15:59:52.544Z - debug: vcsa.homelab.local: dnsResolve : undefined
2017-04-24T15:59:52.545Z - error: dnsErr: Error: queryAaaa ENODATA vcsa.lab.local
2017-04-24T15:59:52.546Z - debug: ips associated with vcsa.lab.local: [ '' ]
2017-04-24T15:59:52.547Z - debug: getVmWithIPFQDN: hostName vcsa.lab.local is associated with [ '' ]
2017-04-24T15:59:52.624Z - debug: token:undefined, length:2, running total:2
2017-04-24T15:59:52.627Z - debug: vm found by hostName: vcsa.lab.local
2017-04-24T15:59:52.628Z - debug: getVmWithIPFQDN numVms:

I was unable to find any solutions using google, but I figured it had something to do with DNS, so I was looking in that direction, and it payed off. I found that on this vCenter there was only one DNS server, so at first I though it might be a bug relating to this, but it turned out that it was also getting the DNS server using DHCP even though the vCenter var running with static IP.

I then changed it to use static DNS server, using the VAMI interface on vCenter, and this error went away.

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