vCenter Recent Tasks Descriptions and Names are broken after VCSA Upgrade

After upgrading VCSA from version 6.5 to 6.5 Update 1 you might experience a problem with Task Names and object Descriptions. Names are not “resolved” to its human understandable name, but instead they are written as a API object name.

For instance a host profile compliance check would normally be “Compliance check” but is instead written as “profile.ComplianceManager.check.label” or a VMotion is written as “Drm.ExecuteVMotionLRO.label”

Pretty annoying, especially when you are trying to figure out what is wrong with your host profile, as it is not only the tasks labels that is wrong, it is all over vCenter and both in the Web Client and the HTML5 client as well.

After some troubleshooting with help from Vmware Support we managed to solve the problem by removing the NetApp VSC plugin.

After unregistering it using the Extension Manager in the Managed Object Browser it was back to normal.

  • To unregister the NetApp plugin go to the vCenter MOB http://vCenterFQDN/mob
  • Login with SSO admin account
  • Go to content
  • Go to ExtensionManager
  • Go to UnregisterExtension
  • Type Extension Name into the value box
  • Hit Invoke Method

You have to unregister all NetApp plugins, and you can find them in the extensionList. The ones I have are called: com.netapp.nvpf and com.netapp.nvpf.webclient

These steps are done at your own risk of course, and you will not be able to use you NetApp plugins until you re-register them. This might result in your backup not running!

Reference to the VMware KB that explains this process.

Hope this helps someone.

4 thoughts on “vCenter Recent Tasks Descriptions and Names are broken after VCSA Upgrade”

  1. Hi this seems helpful for folks. Can you elaborate more? What exactly did you remove as that is not covered on your blog or in the links shared for the VSC extension. Would be nice if you illustrated what exactly you removed for that plugin you referenced.

        1. Yes but it seems to return again.

          I have not had time to check if a newer version of the NetApp VSC plugin was released

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